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Loops of Learning works with individuals, organisations, and community leaders to shift thinking and promote positive, proactive attitudes to change.  We promote self awareness, system understanding and critical thinking.

We believe systemic change happens by:

  • considering personal bias and improving self-awareness;

  • learning to see the bigger picture through systems thinking; and

  • approaching the world with curiosity and compassion to improve our understanding of each other.

We are passionate about enabling positive change.

We believe that safe spaces need to be created for people to have deep, challenging conversations that assist in shifting thinking. This can be done through attending one of our curated dinners, booking in a webinar or commissioning a customised, facilitated workshop.

Our services: 

  • Conversational dinners and speaker events  - to test ideas and be challenged

  • Facilitated workshops or webinars - to help teams think bigger

  • Community membership - to stay inspired and connected to a curious network


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