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At Loops of Learning we unravel society's threads, igniting inspiration for positive change. Join us in shaping a better tomorrow.

Loops of Learning works with individuals, organisations, and community leaders to shift thinking and promote positive, proactive attitudes to change.  We promote self awareness, system understanding and critical thinking.

We follow the Systems teachings of thoughtleaders such as Tyson YunkaPorta and Donella Meadows and believe systemic change happens by following the basic protocols of:

  • Respect 

  • Connect

  • Reflect

  • Direct

We are also inspired by the behavioural change theories and models of Ian MacDonald, Catherine Burke and Karl Stewart, authors of Systems Leadership Theory 


At Loops of Learning we believe that safe spaces need to be created for people to have deep, challenging conversations that assist building respect and connection. Our Sunday meetups are complimented with regular speaker dinners designed to share new ideas or alternative thinking. Check out our upcoming events page to join one of our sessions. 

Our services: 

  • Meetups and speaker events  - to test ideas and make sense of the world

  • Facilitated workshops or webinars - to help teams think bigger

  • Community membership - to stay inspired and connected to a curious network

If you're interested in knowing more about our model of faciliating, please connect via email. We'd love to meet to discuss over coffee or online chat!


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