A permanent state of learning...

I was discussing diversity and inclusion with a friend who is a senior HR Executive. We were ruminating on the complex nature of change in this context and how much of a long game it is. Centuries of ingrained biases, learnt and embedded behaviours and shifts in power dynamics between the 'have's' and 'have-not's' need to be unlearnt and re-learnt. It's not easy and it's not a one solution fix.

This got me thinking about triple-loop-learning.

In order to enter a paradigm where we can shift from polarised thinking and be able to co-exist with an intermingling of ideas and philosophies that search for constant understanding and better ways, we need to reach a state where we can connect with our biases and values, while understanding our need to question, debate and review in a permanent state of learning.

I recommend reading this article about loops of learning from the “Field Guide to Consulting and Organizational Development” by Carter McNamara.

To faciliate change in complex systems and organisations Triple Loop thinking is imperative.

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