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New Year - What happened in 2021 and have we learnt anything?

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

On Sunday 13th February we began our first conversational session of 2022. It's midway through February already, but it really felt that the year started slowly with COVID outbreaks and a general malaise.

The year is now in full swing and I'm starting our sessions thinking about what questions we should be asking as we enter 2022?

How do we be better humans? Be kinder and more compassion and able to deal with our own trauma and the trauma of others?

Is competitiveness the only way to get ahead?

Do we have really have to be Machiavellian in our approach to life? Is violence and aggression the only way to survive? Is it in our 'nature'?

Is politics the best way to make systemic change? Are there other ways to make change? Do all roads lead back to politics in some guise?

How will we fix the environment?

How will we combat fake news?

How do we embrace our individuality?

How do we shift our systems to create more equity and equality?

What will the pandemic leave us with? - fear and loathing or empathy and compassion?

Do we all have to be morning people? (I was reading miracle morning and I hate mornings generally!)

What's your strength and passion and how might we use it to spark some positive change?

Is wanting a solution and an action plan too 'white-man-way'?

Are we all just coddled individuals that no longer have any resilience?

We'll get there on some of these conversation starters this year and it would be great if you joined us for the ride!

Check out our Events page if you like the sound of exploring any of these questions?

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